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Our drivers deliver in high volume trucks permitting us to optimizetransportation costs. In case of difficult access we can also deliver in small size vehicles.

Terms of delivery

We can ship by truck, train or boat, depending on distance volume and accessibility. Trucks maybe ours or those we charter.


3 Packages of fodder, they can be : high-density square bales, round bales or small square bales of medium density.


Export Hay Skills

Gilles Baudot Inc. is located close to the Mediterranean port cities of Sète and Marseille. Its long-term partnership with a consortium that specializes in maritime transport allows it to provide quick and accurate estimates of costs of shipping to any destination.

Its services have been most important to the port of Sète, which the premier european port for the transportation of livestock. For many years, they have used Gilles Baudot to ensure a steady supply of hay to feed the animals.

The Middle East and Maghreb are the usual destination for transportation. Asia represents an area of potential growth for the future.