Our role in nutrition counselling allows us to determine the optimal type of food for each situation based on the mineral deficiencies of the region and the specific nutritional needs of different animal species.

The study of various types of agricultural crops around the world helped establish a correspondence between the characteristics of these products and dietary needs of each animal.

For example the analysis of hays in the plain of the Crauin France showed how to make rational use of each cut of hay. The second and third cuts, high in protein are suitable for lactating or growing animals, while the first cut of hay, with more fiber and energy, are the food of choice for sport horses.

The ratio of carbohydrates and proteins, the ratio phosphorus / calcium, fiber content, are taken into account when calculating a ration including if necessary a possible contribution of concentrate ; the composition will also be developed on demand.

Feeding requirements and storage facilities of each are taken into account in the business proposal. All configurations are treated carefully be they riding, racing stables, zoos, farm ruminants, plains, mountains or urban areas.

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Our Guarantees

You can count on our experience and knowledge in animal nutrition to make the right product choice, and to determine balanced rations and quantities basedon specific goals. Do not hesitate to contact us for any type of situation (change of animal feed, …),

We guarantee consistent quality through a broad portfolio of suppliers that allows us to buy the best product. We are committed to customer satisfaction.

Our convoys are equipped with tarps in inclement weather to ensure the best routing without deterioration of the goods. In case of damage caused by transportation or other, we are committed to replace the product.